Brochure design for TDH organization

The TDH Romania organization has crafted a brochure tailored for professionals working with children in conflict with the law. This serves as a guide to aid professionals involved in the individual assessment of children who may be victims, suspects, or subjects of legal proceedings in Romania.

Given its nature as a resource for adults with an informative and educational purpose, we’ve embraced a minimalist style. The only decorative elements included are a few images/illustrations and some simple geometric shapes. The color palette draws from the primary hue of the Terre des Hommes organization, complemented by shades of gray and black, creating an atmosphere of understated elegance to maintain a sober tone.

Design Brochure for ‘Education and Well-being of Children in Bacău County’

The brochure showcases several projects undertaken by the Terre des Hommes Foundation in Bacau, one of the most disadvantaged regions in Romania. The balanced design and vibrant colors breathe life into the stories of the children, emphasizing the importance of their input in the community development process.

Both the icons and illustrations featured in this brochure were meticulously crafted by the Golden Lobster agency. Our designers dedicated their expertise to encapsulate in succinct visuals the endeavors of the Terre des Hommes organization throughout a year in Bacau County.

The profound messaging and impactful graphics have elicited significant support, mobilizing the community to actively engage in endorsing these initiatives, thereby fortifying the connection between the people and the organization.

Miss Grill Website

This is a website that presents the Miss Grill concept and also an ordering platform for food delivery.

The project is based on WordPress and it has Woocommerce installed with custom design implemented. The users can browse the food menu and make an order for food delivery.
The administrator will get a notification via email together with all the details to deliver the food.

The Miss Grill concept is more than a food truck. It is a new concept of Gourmet Fast-Food, where the special techniques of cooking blend perfectly with the attention that the owner pays for every menu item she is serving.

The website is responsive and optimised for all major mobile devices used nowadays.

Non-Governmental Organization Website Development

IGH supports an emerging global movement to end street homelessness.
They had one of their website built on Wix and wanted to migrate all the information and content on to another platform like WordPress for the ease of use.

Before the migration the website was loading slow, some of the information was hard to find and the design wasn’t consistent on all the pages and content types.

Our designer had to adapt the layout of the old website using an example and did it’s best to keep the look and feel and have a consistent design over the whole website.

After the client approved the design, our developers started coding the platform having WordPress as a CMS, jQuery, Php and Html.

Developing on WordPress made it easier for the client to manage the content on the platform.

website development project

Real Estate Platform Development

Golden Lobster Agency operates in collaboration with businesses worldwide, showcasing a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects with efficient turnaround times. Currently, our focus lies in the development of an innovative real estate platform, meticulously crafted on the WordPress framework. This state-of-the-art platform seamlessly integrates captivating client photos and intricate 3D renderings, culminating in a visually immersive experience.

At the core of this real estate platform lies its ability to present the building’s multiple levels in a captivating manner, enabling users to indulge in a truly interactive 3D exploration of the rooms. This innovative approach not only engages users but also enhances their understanding of the property.

Hailing from the enchanting Cote d’Azur region in France, our client’s vision encompassed a website that elegantly embodies minimalism. Tailored to their specifications, our team meticulously curated a digital space that not only showcases striking photos but also effectively communicates essential information to potential prospects.

real estate website design
Floor Plans section from a website developed by Golden Lobster Agency
website creation

Upon the successful completion of the project, we dedicated efforts to fine-tune details according to the client’s preferences. Furthermore, our commitment extended beyond project completion, as we equipped the client with comprehensive insights, enabling them to confidently manage and update content on this sophisticated real estate platform.

In summary, the collaboration between Golden Lobster Agency and our global partners has resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge real estate platform. Through seamless integration of technology and design, we have not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, empowering them to make a lasting impression in the competitive online real estate landscape.

Youth Platform Development

The client already had a website developed on Drupal, but they found out it’s hard to edit the content on the pages and articles so they asked us to develop the new designed website on WordPress so they would have more possibilities and control over the entire website.

After the implementation of the newly design platform, we also imported the old database of articles and pages from Drupal to WordPress.

website migration

Our developers found the best solution to make the transition and the database migration safe and easy.

Also after we finished the project we sent the client all the details and information they needed in order to be able to edit and manage all the content.

Biggest challenge on the project was the filtering section for each content type that was using Ajax to avoid page reloading and make the user experience more pleasant.

Overall the client was happy with the final product and they started editing the pages and adding new content right away, concluding we’ve done a good job training to them for the new CMS.