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Real Estate Platform Development

Golden Lobster Agency operates in collaboration with businesses worldwide, showcasing a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects with efficient turnaround times. Currently, our focus lies in the development of an innovative real estate platform, meticulously crafted on the WordPress framework. This state-of-the-art platform seamlessly integrates captivating client photos and intricate 3D renderings, culminating in a visually immersive experience.

At the core of this real estate platform lies its ability to present the building’s multiple levels in a captivating manner, enabling users to indulge in a truly interactive 3D exploration of the rooms. This innovative approach not only engages users but also enhances their understanding of the property.

Hailing from the enchanting Cote d’Azur region in France, our client’s vision encompassed a website that elegantly embodies minimalism. Tailored to their specifications, our team meticulously curated a digital space that not only showcases striking photos but also effectively communicates essential information to potential prospects.

real estate website design
Floor Plans section from a website developed by Golden Lobster Agency
website creation

Upon the successful completion of the project, we dedicated efforts to fine-tune details according to the client’s preferences. Furthermore, our commitment extended beyond project completion, as we equipped the client with comprehensive insights, enabling them to confidently manage and update content on this sophisticated real estate platform.

In summary, the collaboration between Golden Lobster Agency and our global partners has resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge real estate platform. Through seamless integration of technology and design, we have not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, empowering them to make a lasting impression in the competitive online real estate landscape.