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Graphic Design
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Brand Identity

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As a full service agency, we offer visual concepts, graphic design and brand identity services.

Our designers have the necessary experience to design unique concepts and graphical elements, that will help the companies communicate the right message to their clients.

We can design the whole brand identity for your company so that your clients will perceive you as a consistent and stated brand.

We have been doing this for over 10 years now and we’re pleased to offer creative and bold solutions to classic problems.

Graphic Design is a communication process

How we do it?

Whether it is a Start-Up or a well known company with experience on the market, we do our best to design a unique and memorable brand identity.

We work to understand our clients and offer them what they wish, always keeping in mind the basic rules: composition, colour and proportion.

Before showing the final versions to the client, we make suggestions, sketches and we make sure that the we are on the same page with the client.

Also, when we design a complete brand identity, we offer mood boards and clear indications to make sure our client understands the style and the direction to follow so that the brand stays consistent and stable.

Graphic Design illustration by Sorin Gheorghita, the senior designer from Golden Lobster

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t just logo design. If you already have a logo but you need a leaflet design, a brochure or a business card, you are in the right place.

Our designers are ready to offer you great ideas and eye catchy concepts.
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Graphic Design illustration by the senior designer from Golden Lobster Agency

Brand Identity

Brand identity includes every visual element in your company.
We take care of every aspect of your brand identity, starting with the logo and business cards to the car stickers and staff’s branded t-shirts.

We start by researching, we ask thousands of questions and we make sure we understand the purpose, the vision and the values of the company so we can illustrate them as well as possible using our graphic designs.